Investment Criteria

Centrecourt investment professionals typically work directly with companies to structure investments that are uniquely tailored to the company’s needs. We excel at investment opportunities that require in depth analysis, thoughtful structuring and comprehensive industry knowledge. Centrecourt investment professionals seek to add value to our portfolio companies beyond that of solely a provider of capital. Our professionals often devote significant time and resources working closely with our portfolio companies to determine business strategy, assist in improvement of operations, allocate capital and other resources, evaluate expansion and acquisition opportunities, assist in their negotiating and execution and participate in their implementation of these plans.

Centrecourt investment professionals seek to review financing opportunities based on the following criteria:

Investment Size

Centrecourt investment professionals have the ability to execute investments ranging from $100,000 to $10 million depending on a range of circumstances. In addition, our extensive network of capital providers enables us to bring to bear additional capital from co-investors and/or other capital providers to provide for companies with larger capital needs.

Company Capitalization

Centrecourt investment professionals generally invest in companies with equity market capitalizations of $300 million and under, although from time to time we also invest in companies with larger equity market capitalizations.

Industry Focus

Our investment professionals have experience investing across a broad range of industry sectors.

Transaction Type

We provide capital for a broad range of transactions, including acquisitions, growth capital, recapitalizations and refinancings.

Security Type

We seek to invest in all parts of the capital structure. We are able to structure a wide range of securities ranging from a variety of debt securities to a variety of equity securities. While we invest across the capital structure, we typically seek to structure a significant portion of each investment as a debt security and to create equity features that enable us to share in a company’s upside.


Centrecourt invests in public as well as private companies.

Advantages of Centrecourt

  • Centrecourt is highly differentiated in its ability to creatively structure transactions
  • Provide cost-effective financing solutions to companies generally aligning our goals with those of the company
  • Extensive experience investing in debt and equity transactions
  • Streamlined commitment process ensures rapid feedback and closing
  • Centrecourt professionals closely monitor its portfolio companies post-closing and work with their managements to create value
  • Centrecourt has a history of executing follow-on transactions and is able to react quickly to follow-on investment opportunities